On this page you will find simple plans that are the best. We try that most are good to do with children. If you have done one that is worthwhile and you want to share it with us, we appreciate very much that you send it to us to reservas@reservadeloscampos.com and, with your permission, we will publish it.

Theatre Season

From 30th October 2021 to the end of November, we celebrate our Theater Season at La Reserva events hall. Please, book your seat in advance at reception-desk (free for our guests).

Sessions scheduled:

25 de noviembre - 19.00, Grupo de Teatro El Óligo representa "Plan a la vista" (Ricardo Sanchez del Pulgar).

18 de noviembre - 19.00, Grupo de Teatro Pícaro representa "La Estufita" (Barillet y Gredy)

11 de noviembre - 19.00, Grupo de Teatro Carbayín representa "Radio Carbayín: L'humor de la nuesa vida" (Jose Ramón Oliva)

4 de noviembre - 19.00, Grupo de Teatro El Hórreo representa "Hilando fino" (adaptación de Mayusa J. Banciella de la obra "Hércules y Aghata" de Jose Ramón Oliva)

A walk through the woods to the Tower of Villademoros


It seems incredible that in the middle of Cadavedo there is a forest, as there is. Between Cadavedo and Villademoros. You enter a path between trees that descends to a small stream, which once crossed back up and ends at the Tower of Villademoros, of Roman origin and now converted into a beautiful boutique hotel.

It is a very easy path for children, but not suitable to go with a cart, because the road, although it is well cared for, is not paved, it is pure countryside.

The sunset at La Regalina

This magical place is one of the most surprising in Cadavedo, a natural promontory over the sea, cliffs with history, a hermitage, two horreos and the infinity of the sea.

In summer, the sun sets over the sea and gives us really beautiful moments, to photograph or just to see and be there in good company.

Los Charquinos


On the beach of Cadavedo, on the left, when the tide comes down, among the rocks, there are some small wells flooded that in Cadavedo we know as Los Charquinos or Los Pocinos, which are the delight of young children. There they can make their constructions of sand, rivers and give free rein to their projects with bucket, shovel and rake or simply splash in a water some degrees warmer than that open sea.
The not so small can investigate the wells that the tide leaves among the rocks to see small fish, catch chámparas (limpets) or do some fishing with a net.

Yoga Sessions


Free for our guests, two days a week during the summer, we offer Ashtanga Yoga sessions.

This modality has the purpose of quieting the mind through different positions postulated with a certain breathing and mental concentration, all in the wonderful environment.

Having lunch at the Beach Bar

It is a very simple place, but located at an angle where everything you see is beautiful, the coast, the cliffs, the noise and the salty sea breeze ...

Good food at a good price, you can ask for from something light like a salad or a fish, to one of its famous and huge cachopos.

A boat ride

The company Calypso, from Luarca, offers this service.

There are several plans, ranging from visiting some of the coves in the area, always by the sea side, fishing trips or plans tailored for families, couples or even people interested in fishing for tuna.

Calypso Luarca website